Saturday, October 25, Day 54 – traversing Wyoming on the way home

A leisurely beginning to our departure day. Had breakfast, packed up the bags, loaded the car and took off around 10:30. Looking at the map, we had thought we would come home via familiar US 40 and I-70. Ms. WAZE routed us through Wyoming instead. We soon saw why. Easy driving with only about 5000 trucks, both coming and going, with which to share the road. Stopped at “Little America” just to view what all the hoopla was about. Got spooked by the 100 plus trucks parked there with others arriving (about 10 in the time it took us to turn around), and took off for Rock Springs.
One of the nicest things about driving in Wyoming, is the speed limit – 80 miles/hr – thank heaven- because the scenery isn’t much to write home about – that is, unless you like desolate areas where nothing seems to grow except sage brush. It felt like we were traversing through a moonscape. All that is to say you can make goooooood time!!!
Our adventure in Rock Springs began with our hunting, as usual, for a local cafe in which to have lunch. So, we went into “historic Rock Springs” and ran into a delightful “happening” – “a halloween stroll”. Moms and Dads with all their kid, all dressed up, “strolling” – more like running, crying, yelling, etc. into all the establishments along Main Street. We ended our search by going out again to the freeway and found an excellent Mexican restaurant.
A short stop for gas in Laramie, Wy, where we remonised about our visits there many years (about 50) ago to visit our friends, the Henleys, while David chaired the department of Journalism at the University. Laramie has certainly changed.
Another short stop as we approached Denver for a few groceries and then home. This has been another wonderful trip (we’ve driven 6719 miles in 54 days), and we are delighted to be back home.














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