Sat., Oct. 18, day 47 – Zion Canyon to NW Zion to Park City, UT

After another wonderful breakfast, we say good-bye to Zion Canyon and drove out of the park onto I-15 up to the northwest section of Zion called Kolob Canyon. The KC Road was a 5 mile breath taking drive which overlooks the north and middle fork of the park. It was one of the most beautiful vista drives of Zion’s canyons. We loved it. It went back and forth from public to private property. The aspens were turning reminded us of Colorado. Some horses in a pasture fell in love with me and ran over for a visit.
I-15 north to Park City was a terrific driving road, in that the speed limit was 80 miles per hour. We made very good time. We stopped for lunch at Nephi, at JC Mckinnon’s, a mom & pop restaurant which primarily featured an elaborate electric train which ran all around the resturant.
Arriving at our destination – the Miners’ Club (a Raintree timeshare in Park City), we were delighted with our accommodations in a large, spacious, well equipped two bedroom condominium. We’ll be here a week, and weather permitting, we’ll play a lot of golf.
Speaking of weather, since we’ve been in Utah, it’s been bright and clear, with the day temperatures in the high 60s, and that’s predicted to mostly continue this week.


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