Fri., Oct. 17, Day 46 – Zion Nat’l Park

Following a huge free breakfast at the Switchback Restaurant we then drove back west to Virgin and then north up Kolob Rd. across the Kolob Plateau to Lava Point and Kolob Reservoir, in the Zion highlands. This was a beautiful and fascinating view of Zion Canyon from 7800′ (elev. of the canyon is 4000′), Most of the pics were taken from Lava Point, where we could gain a concept of the vastness and majesty of this area. Very few people in this area, only occasional cars. I took a short hike from the West Rim trail and saw no one! What a refreshing change from the mobs down in the canyon. Zion has many meanings from the Old Testament, referring at times to Mt. Zion, and other times to the City of Jeruselem. In the Book of Mormon Zion seems to mean the City of God, or to salvation. Google the term if you’re interested. Whatever, this does feel like a heavenly area. We are so glad that we stayed two days and, through our trip to the Kalob Plateau, were able to more fully absorb the sense of the canyon that we had enjoyed experiencing when we were last here on our way from New Orleans to my internship in San Francisco 52 years ago!
Dinner was a nice change from beef to very fresh Utah red trout at Wildcat Willie’s down the street. Tomorrow we make our last stop, at a time share in Park City, UT.










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