Tuesday, October 14, Day 43 Newport Beach to Las Vegas

This was not our best day. Leaving our dear friends, the Henleys, driving about 1000 yards, out of their gated community, crossing one of the busiest 6 lane highways, our car stalled – totally out of gas. I bucked the car onto the middle median ( there were no shoulders in this busy 4 lane street) and there we sat. Fortunately, our car said that all systems were ok, but that we had no gas. After frantically calling AAA and our friends (in case they happen to have a gas can which actually contained gas – they didn’t) and waiting for about 15 minutes, a young man, who said he was a para medic, stopped and had a gas can with about a gallon in it and poured it into our gas line in the car. Ludie appeared about that time and told us where to go for gas (same place the young man recommended). We then called AAA and canceled them, drove to the service station and filled the car with almost 18 gallons of gas – the car only holds 18 gallons.
Resetting our WAZE route was difficult, but finally Peter managed to change it to the route our friends had recommended.
The highlight of our day (and the only thing that kept us halfway sane), was meeting our niece Allison and her husband Sang Woo Pak for lunch at an Italian Restaurant in a subdivision in Oceanside, CA. They had been at a conference in San Diago. We so enjoy being with those we love.
Arriving in Las Vegas, at the Casino Royal (a Best Western Plus) we really didn’t want to get out of the car. The garage was hard to find, the hotel and it’s casino were absolutely awful. We were right on the strip, next to Harrah’s, and It was like a trashy dress mob scene in a C rated movie – and it didn’t get better. As some friends still like Las Vegas, we must have gotten the wrong everything. The only shows in town were imitators – no big names in any catagory. The gamblers look depressed and pathetic. We ended up at a SubWay sandwich place for dinner, walked around a couple of large casinos (which were half empty), watched the ‘Volcano” erupt at the Mirage, across the street, and went to bed early. We left town as soon as we could the next morning, canceling our reservation for that night. We will never return to Vegas.





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