Sunday, October 12, Day 41 Newport Beach to Santa Monica (Casa del Mar)

Celebration Day in honor of Keith’s major commissioned painting in the reception area of a very chic newly restored old classic 1926 hotel – Casa del Mar, in Santa Monica. Ludie and David and their lovely daughter Elizabeth, ( whom Keith married at least 9 times when they were 9 – 11, a childhood friend, cousin and now an adult buddy), along with Peter and myself, met Keith (who had flown in from New York for the celebratory brunch) and his “California agent”, Cynthia Plehm, at the hotel to view the framed painting and have lunch.
The painting is a HUGE success, greatly admired by all. The painting itself is huge, about 4′ x 8′. It represents the beautiful view from the dining room, of the ocean, beach and Ferris wheel.. The dining area, along with the European styled lobby, is quite elegant and brunch was excellent.. However, the kitchen at the hotel must have had a “Typhoid Mary” in the kitchen as 4 of the 7 got hit less than an hour after, and the 5th got sick about 2 hours later. Unfortunate, but everyone – ourselves who thought it prudent to notify the hotel and the hotel, who obviously appreciated our input (they had a full house) and compt. the lunch – survived and didn’t let our day be ruined.
After all of the above occured, Peter and I went with Keith to the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, where we viewed one of his pupil’s exhibit, the superb permanent exhibit of mostly impressionist art, along with a terrific exhibit of Jim Hodges, all of which we enjoyed. Of course, our primary enjoyment was just being with our son. We were so flattered that he came out to CA especially to celebrate his great new painting with us.
Leaving LA, we traveled back to the Henley’s in Newport Beach, where Ludie and I strolled down to their little community beach on the Bay and sipped wine while broiling super hamburgers which Ludie had prepared. A correction must be noted at this point. In last entry, we said that we had dined on burgers on Sat., but actually Ludie and Peter had gone to a local Mexican diner for take out and we had dined in their garden.
Another full, fun day.





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