Mon., Oct. 13, Day 42 – Newport Beach, CA

We had a leisurely morning visiting with the Henley’s and then went over to Elizabeth Martino’s (the Henley’s daughter) house for a yummy brunch of a cassarole, turkey sausage, strawberries, and english muffins, etc. She and John’s house is in a open, peaceful suburb of Newport Beach. The kids were in walking distance of the elementary and middle school, as well as the rec center. After brunch, I went over to the latter, which has a 8 lane olympic pool, for a swimming workout. Wow! Another highlight was meeting Maggie, a charming chihuaha- Jack Terrier mix doggie whose favorite gambits are to roll over on her back to have her tummy scratched and to jump on a kick board and cruise around the pool! I fell in love with her. We had the pleasure of meeting 17 y/o Amy, just as we were leaving. A really cute gal.
In the afternoon, Ludie took us for a comprehensive car tour of the many different aspects of Newport Beach. Our favorite was the area around the Newport Beach Yacht Club. The 3 car ferry to Balboa Island was fun. Stopped and bought filet mignons at the market, which Lois and Ludie barbecued on the beach, again in the dark. Delicious.
It has been great to have a few days visit with the Henley’s and reinvigorate our friendship.








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