Saturday, Oct.11, Day 40 Ventura to Newport Beach

Started the day with a visit to the International Scottish Festival at the fairgrounds in Ventura. As the program was a very mixed bag of events, it was not overloaded at any time, although there were, over the weekend, certainly thousands of attendees. We saw, and enjoyed, some examples of Scottish dances, the weight throwers, the bale hoisters, and the stone throwers, the marching bagpipes and drums as well as other bands, and, of course, the many people dressed in their “family clan” colors. Had lunch on the fairgrounds of steak and mushroom “pie” and bangers. I won with the “pie”.
Leaving the fair, Ludie and David gave us a tour of Ventura, the down town, in which the City Hall was the star, all of which has been greatly updated, and the old Mission, which predates and is much smaller than the one in Santa Barbara.
Onward to the Reagan Library, in Simi Valley. One of the more impressive Presidential Memorials. Beats the heck out of George Jrs. in Dallas. But, of course, Reagan was so much more. We were so impressed with the setting, which, on its on, beats almost everyone else’s as it sits alone on a mountain top with wonderful vistas all around. Frankly, the architectural construction was fantastic – particularly with the “Air Force 1 wing” and the helicopter in which the President’s flew. We left in the late afternoon and unfortunately ran into tremendous traffic. What should have taken 1 1/2 hours turned into over 2 with bumper to bumper traffic. We would still be wandering around the complex LA interstate system if it wasn’t for our wonderful WAZE GPS.
Arriving in Newport Beach, Ludie and David stopped off at a grocery and picked up supplies, and Ludie and I went down to their lovely little beach and cooked some hamburgers, which we devoured in their private back patio yard. We all slept very well.













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