Fri., Oct. 10, Day 39 – Tehachapi to Ventura, CA

Driving west from Tehachapi we crossed the mountains and went by the huge wind (mill) farms that provide most of the electricity for the Tehachapi area. Interesting and erie. Descending then down to the coast was pretty, and fun to see the Pacific appear again. We drove up to the Mission at Santa Barbara, where we met our old friends and cousins, Ludie and David Henley, who had driven up from their home in Newport Beach to tour with us.
The mission was founded in 1786. It’s one of the largest and best examples of the missionary movement on the pacific coastline. It’s majesty disguises the atrocities that were performed in the enslavement of the native americans, although some of this is documented, but puts all the blame on the soldiers. Beautiful garden and chapel.
We then toured Santa Barbara, which is a lovely town. Then we met with Joey Martino, The Henley’s grandson, who is a freshman at the Univ. of Santa Barbara. We hadn’t seen Joey in years and it was a joy to see him developing as such as personable and handsome young man. Joey was a volleyball star in high school and we wished him well in his aspiration to make the freshman volleyball team.
We then drove around the UCSB campus, left by the famous “Henley Gate”, and then down to Ventura, where we were all staying. We were awed at all the people downtown. We dined at an excellent Italian restaurant and finally went thankfully to sleep after our most full day.









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