Thurs., Oct 9, Day 38 – Tehachapi

Nothing newsworthy today, except to report the fantastic shark dinner that Lois contacted last night. One of the best entrees of the trip, says Chef Lois, and I agree. Melted in our mouths.
Today we played a broken round of 18 holes at our backyard golf course. As we went from the 9th to the 10th hole we encountered a group of 11 women who had played the 1st nine in the morning, then had lunch, for an hour and a half, and then marched out to the 10th hole to complete their round, without attending to anyone else (like us), who were playing through. They obviously felt entitled to do their thing. ‘we complained to the golf course manager, who was disinclined to do anything,. probably because this was a local group. So we came back to our condo, had lunch, hung out until 3;30 and then went out and played the back nine with virtually no on else on the course. Cooler and MUCH more pleasant.
We leave tomorrow to meet our good friends, Ludie and David Henley, in Santa Barbara. It’s been a nice time here, but time to move on.



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