Wed., Oct. 8, day 37 – Tehachapi

As I write this, the sun has just set and we are sitting on our nice deck, having a drink, overlooking the golf course and the Tehachapi Mountains. The deer are coming out. Our squirrel neighbors (with white manes!), in the glacier boulders below the deck, seem to have retired for the night. The crickets ate cricking. This is a most peaceful setting. Tehachapi is a town of about 15,000 people. All we have seen of the town was the Albertson’s, where we stocked up on the way in. The economy seems to revolve around the fruit orchards. There is a neighborhood alpaca and a ostrich ranch nearby our small resort, which is 15 miles to the west of town. Our altitude, at the foot of the mountains (really hills), is 4000 feet which means the days are not as hot as in the valley and the Mojave desert to the east, and cool breezes blow through.
We played another 9 holes of golf this morning. We played more consistently and better. Having not played most of the spring and summer, due to my knee replacements and L’s cataract operations, we feel that we are just getting in the swing of the game again. After golf, I went for a swim in the large, chilly pool here and Lois read and did laundry. We’re about to have shark for dinner. Nice, relaxed day.




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