Sun., Oct. 5, Day 34 – San Francisco

Another record setting hot day in SF. Temperature in mid-80’s. Chaya Rivka came over to the hotel and we went to nearby Boulangerie for pastries and coffee. Chaya Rivka had planned for us to go to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, a 3 day blowout event at Golden Gate Park. Lois had a nightmare about being in a hoard of folks, in the heat, in the park. She listened to her unconscious and decided to hang out in and out of the hotel for the afternoon. Chaya Rivka and I were excited about going and took off on the #5 bus to GG Park where we met her friends Maria and Pamela, and also Christie, for a picnic. Fun to see her friends again. There were hoards of folks at this free festival, but we enjoyed it, especially the treat of hearing Rosanne Cash (Johnny’s daughter) in person. She is terrific.
After a respite we all went out to Amber, a beautiful Indian restaurant around the corner, for a delicious dinner.





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