Sat., Oct.. 4, day 33 – San Francisco

We should mention that this is an excellent hotel, lots of conventions here. We are on the 36th, of 39, floors with an excellent view of the city, the bay and parts of the Bay Bridge, which is especially noticeable when it lights up at night. Room is large, with all the usual big hotel amenities. The hotel is on Mission, one block from Market, two from Union Square and three blocks from Chaya Rivka. So glad that we applied for a Marriott credit card and got enough points for 2 free nights here.
We had a leisurely morning. The fitness room here is huge, better equipped than my gym in Denver. As I exercised on the elliptical trainer I accessed a program that took me on several lovely hikes in Yosemite! When Chaya Rivka came we all walked down to one of Lois’ favorite restaurant in the world, the Tadish Grill, in the commercial downtown. I had their signature cioppino, perhaps the best anywhere, Lois feasted on a Chilean sea bass, and CR had delicious crab cakes. We then took the cable car up to Van Ness and took a taxi back to Union Square. We revisited the Chancellor Hotel, our habitat of many years ago, which has been nicely spruced up. We ambled through Tiffanys, Brooks Brothers and Gumps, the latter being always a special treat.
We came back to the hotel, exhausted. Chaya Rivka later picked us up in her snazzy new Ford Mustang convertable. Lois squeezed, lying down, into the back seat and we took off for a nice little Italian restaurant, Aperto, on Potrero Hill, an attractive residential area unfamiliar to us. We then went to a play, “The Late Wedding” at the Crowded Fire” a chic little theater down the street. Good production of an only fair play.
A big, fun day.









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