Friday, Oct.3 Day 32, Napa Valley to San Francisco via Rancho Cordova

Off to a fairly early start because we wanted to meet the people with whom I speak on a fairly regular basis at Motif Investing. It was well worth the effort. I always enjoy meeting people, and certainly those with whom I’ve had a most delightful relationship. I’m only sorry that I missed meeting Orville. I’ve heard many stories about the personnel and have been most impressed with the prior relationships they have had in the industry – it makes for a extremely efficient “family” when they know how very competent they each are. I was most happy to say “howdy” to Connie and to give Stephone , Carrie and Mike a hug, as well as greet many of the new people, with whom I will be speaking in the future.
After a brief, but lovely visit to their quarters in Rancho Cordova, we sped on our way to San Francisco, where we were greeted by our daughter, Chaya Rivka. Was so good to see her. Met with Rose, a friend of the Red’s for a drink at the Vista Bar at our hotel and then went to see the updates in the Castro area and dinner at a new restaurant, Beso. Returning to the Hotel (the Marriott Marquis), we heard of a “whiskey fest” where 250 distillers show their wares once a year – all bourbons and scotches. Peter and I brazenly walked in and managed to obtain a couple of glasses and so were able to sample several bourbons and Irish Whiskeys. We slept very well.
Unfortunately we were so caught up in meeting all the gang at Motif that we forgot to take any photos while there.





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