Thursday, October 2 Day 31 Napa Valley

One of the very best days of our trip!!! Suzi Harstrick (of Motif Investing fame) and her delightful husband, Michael, picked us up at 9:30 in a white limo driven by Carol, for a most wonderful day of wine tastings at small, lesser known wineries in the Napa Valley.
Our first stop was at Cosentino where we enjoyed a most delicious “2010 Stags Leap Cab Sauvignon and a wonderful 2010 Merlot, Mount Veeder. Our next stop was Alpha Omega, a lovely setting, but (to our taste buds) non memorable wines which were overpriced.
We decided about this time to stop for “picnic supplies” at one of the most fantastic food stores in the Napa Valley – Dean & deLuca, where we proceeded to choose 3 different cheeses from one of the largest displays I’ve ever encountered, salami of all different makes, at least 6 different types of olives, lox and caper berries (which we’ve never before sampled – but are terrific), two loaves of crusty bread, a wonderful jar of mustard and for dessert, Michael chose one of the best chocolate cakes you could imagine. Onward then to our next winery called Merryvale, where we were treated to a special tasting of Premier wines. The wines there were excellent – at least the 2009 cab was, which was outstanding – however, it was a bit on the pricy side. The building housed one of the most attractive high vaulted rooms lined with huge oaken barrel which could hold up to almost 2000 gallons of wine. This room was used for private dinner parties and could accommodate approximately 200 people.
At this point, we thought we should stop and have lunch – so we went to the Frank Family Winery as they make a particularly lovely chardnonnay which Suzi felt would go well with our lunch – and they had a charming outdoor picnic area. However, we were swarmed by bees when we unpacked the food so ended up having lunch in the air conditioned limo while motoring to our last scheduled stop at the Regusci Winery. There, we purchased a very good chardnonnay to go home with us.
Peter and I just couldn’t leave this area without returning to the Cosentino Winery because we loved the 2010 Merlot and Suzi and Michael purchased the Stags Leap Cab. Erin, the very nice wine hostess, poured us a taste of a dessert wine with which we paired our chocolate cake for a memorable ending to a wonderful day.









One thought on “Thursday, October 2 Day 31 Napa Valley

  1. I once went to a New Years eve wedding in the large room at Merryvale. One of the most delightful events I’ve ever attended! So glad you got to enjoy Merryvale too.


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