Mon., Sept. 29, Day 28 – Eureka, CA to Mendicino, CA

A spectacularly scenic day driving down the Avenue of the Giants seeing endless redwood groves for over 30 miles. It seems hard to believe that lumber barons (now called lumber companies) are still allowed to rape the land and leave huge acres of stumps and mud where those gorgeous redwoods flourished. All along the Oregon coast and still in northern California we saw lumber trucks carrying literally tons of logs down to the shipping ports.
We took the 101 bypass through many of the groves. Peter’s favorite short hike was in the Founder’s Grove, in Humbolt State Park. He could go on and on about pearls gleaned from the informative pamphlet. The best is the story of the Dyerville Giant (see photos), which fell down in 1991. It was estimated to be 370 ft. tall, 17 ft. in diameter, and to measure over 1,000,000 lbs.!! Unbelievable. It now serves as a “nurse tree”, hosting scores of plants and insects in it’s afterlife.
Leaving the Avenue of the Giants, we traveled south to Garbarville, where we lunched at the Eel River Cafe on quesadillas, made with organic, locally grown vegs and grass fed beef. Was tastee.
Then we left 101 to 1, the most curvy mountain road I’ve ever driven. I thought Peter was going to have a fit. However, going 15 t0 20 miles an hour for over 30 miles was only appreciated when we reached the bottom.
Arriving in Mendocino late in the afternoon, we were delighted with the Mendicino Hotel lobby and dinning area. The hotel was built in 1878 and lovingly restored. However, our shabby room left a great deal to be desired. No clock, no phone, creaky, butt sprung furniture, peeling wallpaper, etc., etc. They are moving us tomorrow – thank heaven.









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