Sat., Sept. 27, day 26: Cannon Beach, OR to Lincoln City, OR

A pretty drive along the Oregon coastline on Hwy 101. We stop for lunch at Pirates Cove, an isolated restaurant between small towns. We continued our seafood diet, which seems appropriate as we are driving along the sea. Lois enjoys her almond sole. My Dungeness crab is really scrawny, so I send it back with a complaint and the chef sends out a fatter one. Our hotel, The Inn at Spanish Head, just south of Lincoln City, is a striking 10 story edifice built right on the beach. The entrance, from the highway, is on the 9th floor!! Unlike the Cannon Beach beach, which looks like it’s cleaned everyday, the beach here is scattered with driftwood and seaweed. Our room is on the 9th floor, with a balcony. Spacious, with a knockout view of the ocean and the beach going way down to the south. Great wave roars waft into our room. I had enough of walking the beach yesterday, and opt for swimming in the large pool right on the edge of the beach. Magical setting. Dinner here on the 10th floor, pretty restaurant. Lois has a delicious broiled halibut topped with a shrimp/crab mixture and I have Chinook salmon, my favorite food. Chinook has a denser meat than other salmon species. This is a special place, third in our favorites list following the Chateau Lake Louise and the Inn at the Market.






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