Friday, September 26 Day 25, Lake Quinault Rain Forest to Cannon Beach

Wise Saying: If you are a hiker, a biker or one who drives a convert with no top – you will get wet if you visit a rain forest in the rainy season. We had come here on the advice of friend Tony K, who had recently been here.
Woke up at the Lodge in pouring rain (it had rained almost 3 inches since we arrived). However, there was a break in the rain when we were ready to leave and so were able to repack the car without getting soaked. Peter wanted to drive around the Lake in the rain forest, and so we took off. The rain returned, but only in a drizzle form. This was one of the highlights of our trip. The thickly forested trees were heavly coated with moss. Huge bunges of leafy ferns were coating the surface under the trees and the light was such that a yellowish-green glow gave the area a most unusual aura. Heavy streams of water flowed with tremendous energy through channels throughout the forest with an occasional waterfall adding to the turmoil. Peter sadly regretted that he couldn’t take the short hikes suggested by Tony because of the intermittent downpours.
On the road, we stopped at Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant (the first restaurant we saw that had a covered entrance as the drive had been – yes, you guessed it – in the rain) . It was adequate and the locals seemed to love it.
Our friend, Polly, had suggested that we delete Astoria, an old mill town, and insert Cannon Beach, a new, svelte town, and we followed her advice. Arrived in Cannon Beach in time to do laundry and go to Ecola State Park to watch the beginning of the sunset. It is a lovely view point and thank heaven, the rain had stopped. Polly’s advice was excellent, as this is a pretty town with a striking, immense rock, called Haystack Rock, accompanied by two smaller cousin rocks, on the beach SW of the town.
Dinner was at Ecola Seafood Resturant. A very inexpensive, but very tasty dinner of crabcakes for Peter and fried oysters for Lois. Recommended by David’s book, “Roadfood”.










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