Wed., Sept. 24, Day 23, Port Angeles, WA

We left Seattle this morning in a pouring rain and took the ferry to Bainbridge Island. By the time we had traversed Puget Sound, it was still cloudy but the rain had stopped. Ironically, when we got to Port Angeles, on the north shore of the Olympic Peninsula Rain Forest, it was not only not raining but we could see patches of blue sky. We checked into the Olympic Lodge, a nice Best Western, but after staying at the swank Inn at the Market in Seattle, anything would have been a let down. We drove up the famous Hurricane Ridge here. The top of the drive is over 5000′ from the sea level start. A dramatic trip with great views of the Olympic Range. By the time we reached the summit, it was cold, windy and cloudy. We couldn’t see
Mt. Olympus, but could observe the high ridge with several small glaciers.

The woman at the motel desk recommended the nearby Cafe Garden for seafood. The proprieter, Betty, was a friend of hers. It was a terrific meal. Lois had fresh halibut and I had the biggest and best bowl of cioppino that I have ever eaten. We enjoyed visiting with Betty, a native of China, whose husband is a fisherman and supplies the restaurant as part of his catch.





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