Sun., Sept. 21, day 20- Vancouver Is. to Seattle

Got up early today, at 6:15, in order to load up the car and drive down to Syndey, just north of Victoria, to catch the ferry. You are required to be in line for ferries 1 1/2 hrs. prior to departure. A pain. A scenic trip, winding through the San Juan Islands and stopping at Friday Harbor. Shared a table with an interesting couple from L.A. who were staying in their vacation house on Lopez Island and they gave us some insights into living in the San Juans. Seems to be long on relaxing and short on activities. They said that one main advantage was that their kids, when young, learned how to play outside and entertain themselves without access to electronic devices!

We finally got off the ferry after an hour’s delay to get through customs. Drove down to Seattle getting depressed about the Broncos being defeated by the Seahawks, which we heard on the radio.

We checked into our hotel, the Inn at the Market, and were upgraded to a 7th floor room with a magnificent view of Puget Sound and the Cascade Mtns. This is a first rate, very sleek, modern hotel across the street from the Pike Place Market. We went over to Polly and Andrew Kenefick’s house for a delicious salmon dinner. Polly has been a close friend of our daughter’s since seventh grade. We knew her well back then, but we hadn’t seen each other in over 20 years. We had never met their lovely two daughters, Leslie, age 17 and Audrey, age 15. It was a fun and meaningful evening.





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