Monday, Sept.22, Day21 – Seattle

Slept late and Polly picked us up around 10:30a.m., for a wonderful tour of Seattle. A drive through the downtown, a great mixture of modern and old buildings – Seattle is obvious a growing and bustling city with wide city steets, many trees and huge buildings. A far cry from the ’70’s when Boeing (the only major industry at that time) was close to collapse and the motto was :”The last person to leave Seattle, turn off the lights”.
Polly then drove us to a very high view point where we were able to get a wonderful panoramic look at the city and the islands around it. Then we spent a fantastic time going up the Space Needle Tower and to the “piece de resistance” the Chihuly Museum. What a treat!! I took about 500 pictures of his instillations (Peter took about 10). Unfortunately, this network will only allow about 8 to be sent. You will have to know that non of the pictures we took have been altered in any way.
We took a break, mid -Chihuly, and had a delightful lunch at the cafe in the museum: Grilled shrimp, crab stuffed portobello mushroom, and a most unusual type of pizza (none of the usual ingredients, but delish). In cases and hanging from the cafe ceiling are examples of Chihuly’s passion for collecting unusual junk, like juicers, kewpie dolls, accordians, clocks, etc.
After the museum, we returned to our hotel. Peter took a nap and then we went to the Market- right down the street- for an unfortunately mediocre seafood dinner. The market, however, is a fascinating collage of stands selling seafood, vegatables, nuts, sausage, pastries, T-shirts, bric-a-brac, etc., etc., plus many restaurants. Often referred to as the “Fish Market”, its known all over the world.

















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