Sat., Sept. 20, Day 19 – Vancouver Island

A TOO big a day today. Started off going to Cathedral Grove, about 20k west of Qualicum Beach, a small town north of Pacific Grove Resort. One grove of massive Douglas firs and another of huge red cedars. The “Big Tree” in the fir grove is over 800 years old! Not many people, a very quiet, peaceful stroll through these ancient, magnificent trees. Not quite as huge or old as some Redwoods or Sequoias, but close. A mediative experience.

We then went into Qualicum Beach to have lunch at Lefty’s, a well known local restaurant. Delicious soups and grilled chicken sandwich and a sumptuous blackberry apple pie. Blackberries are ripening on their bushes all around here.

Then off to another 18 holes at Pheasant Ridge Golf Course on a bright sunny afternoon. Paired with Kathy & Lou, a nice couple who live near here. They nicely put up with our erratic play.

After coming back and packing for our early take off tomorrow we plop into bed exhausted. Fun day, but did too much.










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