Friday, Sept. 19, day 18, Vancouver Is.

Today was laid back and relaxing. We both slept late and had a leisurely morning. Peter wandered around and took pictures of the resort. We then took off on a quest to find a pair of black shoes, as Lois had packed two mismatches. The shop in Qualicum Beach was nice, but small and had no shoes that fit well. We then ventured about 20 K south to Nanaimo, the main town north of Victoria. Lois found a huge shopping mall with a big Walmart and 8 shoe stores, one of which had a fine selection of quality shoes. She found a really cute pair. We came back, Peter went for a swim and a mineral springs soak, and we then went to dinner here at the Pacific Shores restaurant. Peter had a delicious lobster and shrimp etoufe and Lois had a seafood lasagna with much lasagne and little seafood. A delicious local Pinot Grigio from Aurill Creek. It seems that many towns in BC have local vineyards.








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