Sept. 15-17, days 14-16, Vancouver Island

Because this period was all in the same place, we are lumping these days together. It is great to be in one place for a week, courtesy of our being able to trade our timeshares through RCI. The grounds of Pacific Shores Resort are very verdant and lovely and it’s very nice to be in a condo unit vs. a motel / hotel. The resort is about half way up the eastern shore of Vancouver Island, near several towns, but mostly a rural residential area. On Mon. (9/15), we both slept in because we were so exhausted from the frantic moving yesterday, altho it was well worth it.

The indoor pool here is about 20 meters long and good for lap swimming, which Peter enjoyed in the morning. We had grocery shopped at “Save On Foods” in No. Vancouver and we had our first home cooked lunch of a delicious salmon, potatoes and asparagus (our foodie friend, David, requested on last year’s voyage that we tell about our meals, and we also like to record them for our memory bank, which is the primary function of this blog. We played 9 holes of golf at Fairwinds, an excellent and challenging course near here. Played bad golf but had fun on this scenic course.

On Tues. (9/16) we drove down to Victoria for the day, mostly to see Butchart Gardens, just north of Vancouver. We started our visit by having a delicious lunch at the Gardens Restaurant. Peter had a terrific mussels dish and Lois had the best pulled pork sandwich that we have ever tasted. We had been told that the gardens would have many flowers still in bloom and we were delighted to see that this was true. We had been here about some 30-35 yrs. ago, but had not recalled what a spectacular display this is. The rose and the sunken gardens were particularly outstanding. A wonderful treat. In contast, the Fairmont Empress Hotel was great dissapointment. It’s been remodelled, added onto, and has lost it’s splendor, in our opinion. But walking on the Victoria waterfront was fun. We didn’t have the energy to visit the Royal Victorian Museum.

On Wed. (9/17) Peter took a seashore walk around Madrona Point, an area closeby, while Lois was enjoying sleeping. The tide was out, providing fun shell searching and viewing in the estuaries. In the afternoon, we visited the nearby towns of Parksville and Qualcome Beach on our way to maybe play golf, which was drizzled out. The towns were not much, the usual shops, but some lovely residential areas. The population of the island is about 800,000. Many vacation homes. The primary source of economy is tourism. Dinner tonight was a delicious chicken pot pie (without the pot) a la Lois. Yum.


















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