Sat.& Sun., September 13&14, Day 12&13, Kelowna to Vancouver Island

Travel days. Uneventful day from Kelowna to North Vancover, with lunch at what other folks in line claimed was the best restaurant in the small town of Hope, where Peter had one of his favorites (liver&onions) and I was served a most unusual meatloaf which had been doused in a sweet sauce. Of course, I sent it back – had a mushroom burger instead. Our arrival in North Vancouver was slightly marred by taking the wrong direction off #5, but was soon rectified. Our accommodations at a “Best Western” was hardly what you’d call “best” of anything, but at least it was clean.

Leaving North Vancouver on the ferry was a quiet time. Had lunch on the ferry which was quite unremarkable, and drove on to our time share on Vancouver Island. The photos are looking back to the area around Vancouver from the ferry.

Upon arriving, we found that they had assigned us a first floor unit in a 3 story building. After unloading tons of stuff from our car to the 1st floor unit (all the units are somewhat small), we look around and found that staying in a small unit with a rather open area of our designated patio where people walked by was definately not to our liking, Peter managed to ranngle a 2nd story unit from management, but only if we could get out in the next few minutes, as others were arriving. So, we franticly move the ton of stuff to the new unit on the 2nd floor. Needless to say, we were exhausted, so retired early.



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