Sept. 8, Day 7 -Waterton Lakes

We started the day by playing golf at the local course. We are excited to be back on the links. However the day is cold and foggy. Around the 4th hole, the weather closes in with the wind picking up and it starts to snow lightly.
We race back in and the nice manager gives us a full refund. We go to the Prince of Wales hotel for lunch. The hotel is a grand old dinosaur, built around 1919, but renovated to look still elegant. On a hill overlooking the lake. Peter has a yummy shepard’s pie and Lois a prime rib burger. The boat trip we had planned for the afternoon was cancelled due to the snow. Apparently snow in early Sept. is not unusual here. We settle in, reading and trying to figure out how to do this damn blog, which is exceeding out minimalist computer skills, so we are still days beyond in posting. A restful day.

Deer are plentiful guests, and probably pests, here, as shown in the first photo. The next morning, we wake up to about 6 inches of fresh snow, as shown in the next pictures..





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