Sunday, Sept. 7, Day 6 – Waterton Lakes

It was an exciting experience driving over Glacier Pass.  The immensely tall trees, the many deer, the roaring streams, the lovely lakes, the craggy peaks, all made for a beautiful scene.  The narrow, ever curving, steep road created challenging driving.  It was THE most beautiful drive that we’ve ever experienced.

The east side of the pass is much more gentle and rolling.  The Waterton Glacier Suites was a lousy place, with views of a parking lot and a street. Unfortunately we were locked into the reservation but did get the room moved to a somewhat  better location the 2nd night.  Waterton Lakes is a small, touristy town on a large, scenic lake.  We had great dips and good burgers at a local bar-lounge where we watched the Broncos-Colts game on a large TV.  Exciting to see the Broncos play so well, but disappointing to watch them fade at the end, tho still winning.  Big Broncos cheering crowd at the lounge.









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