Sept. 3 – Day 2, Cody To Yellowstone

The reason we came thru Cody was to see the Cody Museum, which consists of five different museums, all under one roof. We were most interested in the Whitney Museum of Western Art, which contains numerous classic western paintings and scuptures, both inside and on the museum courtyard spaces. A truly wonderful collection, which unfortunately, due to limitations of this blog site, we can give you only a small taste. We also visited the Plains Indians Museum and walked quickl;y thru the NaturAL History exhibits.

After a quick lunch at the museum coffee shop, we took off for Yellowstone. What a refreshing change from the dull grasslands of WY. Hills changing into mountains, rivers changing into lakes. We stay in a cabin at Lake Lodge.
Old structure, recently renovated. Pricey, but very nice. Yellowstone Lake is a treat to meditatively stare at. During our stay, we dine at the cafeteria which offers bland but OK food, particularly their trout, which is a nice change from 2 days of WY beef.











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